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miles a cruickshank is flying solo (but not for much longer)

I’m Scottish web designer Miles A. Cruickshank.

And after 18 years (ye Gods…) of trading as Flying Solo, I fancy a change.

What if I just used (gasp!) my own name? (That’s the sort of staggering insight the true creative mind is capable of every two decades or so).

So in the not too distant future, this site will disappear and be replaced by something else. Actually, that was supposed to happen back in April, but cobbler’s bairns and all that, and real life has a habit of intruding.

Anyway, although this site’s been a bit neglected of late (surprised no-one’s contacted Social Services) you can still have a look around at some of the stuff I've done. For a little while at least.

far-flung clients speak...

Huntingtower Lodge

Miles, we cannot thank you enough for a job brilliantly done, I have said many times that you are a genius and I stand by that.

" Jackie & Chris Clifford
Owners, Huntingtower Lodge
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Loretto Training

If you have fetched up here, chances are you are looking for a web designer. And most people search for their ideal web designer.

I think you have found him.

" Anne Simpson
Partner, Loretto Training
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Living Voice

Miles was surprisingly insightful when it came to understanding what was required for our new website. At the time, we wanted to elevate our brand to a higher level and Miles seemed to instinctively know what we needed to do.

" Lynn Scott
Director, Living Voice
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We receive regular plaudits from key stakeholders such as the Scottish Government and European Commission, and more importantly from fund applicants – the principal users.

" Gordon McLaren,
Chief Executive, ESEP
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Form & Space

Miles has been a pleasure to work with. From the start, the procedure and cost were explained very clearly. He is completely open, unambiguous and transparent with his pricing.

" Vivien Munro
Director, Form & Space
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Sometimes I think he understands what his clients are trying to achieve better than they do themselves! A bit like a sixth sense which means he goes right beyond the brief and produces results which are truly inspired…

" Finella Devitt
Director, Iridescence
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Catherine Nelson Pollard

If you need any more convincing, just take a look at the exceptional body of work that has come off his personal production line. I am very impressed with my site, the feedback from colleagues here in Switzerland and across the world has been extremely positive.

" Catherine Nelson Pollard
Freelance Journalist
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so what’s going on?

Bit of a state of transition* at the moment.

Designing stuff for yourself is always difficult. (Especially if you’ve not been spending much time in the office for the last 3 or 4 months).

However, whips are being cracked (amazing what you can find on the web these days…), a grindstone has been ordered and expectation is at near fever pitch. Makes me feel faint just thinking about it.

*Obviously this is ‘transition’ being used as a synonym for ‘indolence.’

current design projects

I’m busily scribbling away (you didn’t think I used a computer did you?) on projects for:

alhhikmah foundation – Phase 1 of a website for a new mosque & community centre project

archid architects – new portfolio site for innovative architectural practice

house to home – new website for independent Scottish furniture retailer

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